Maxfield Perish tops 2400 reads

Last February, or maybe it was the February before, I posted “Maxfield Perish: Zombie Fighter” over at the Zombie Friends site. To date, it is the most viewed story on their writer’s form, garnering more than 2400 reads —- nearly three times the next next piece, “The Undead in Mythology, Then and Now,” a quality overview of zombies dating back to The Epic of Gilgamesh. It’s well worth your time.

The posted version of “Maxfield Perish” is a polished short story ripped from the opening pages of a zombie YA novel I was working on before it got hopelessly mired in wandering narrative. There were some great kills, though.

Then I wrote “Mouth of the Yukon” and started this crazy Hunter Thompson thing . . . .

Maxfield Perish is a story I plan to revisit, refine, and expand. There are some great ideas, new situations, and wild places to take Max and the rest of the survivors holed-up in Stateville.

But, in the immortal words of Tyler Derden: “One fight at a time, fellas.”

P.S. — “Maxfield Perish” is also posted at my other site,, along with tons of other fun stuff to see, do, and read. YOU GO NOW.

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