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Under the wrecking ball

Well, here’s a sad bit of news — and further evidence that the greed heads’ hard-on for destruction is as strong as ever. NEW YORK | Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:26pm EDT  — Mansion linked to “The Great Gatsby” demolished … Continue reading

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A diet rich in irony . . . .

From the “Too Bad It’s April 14th” File: The Daily Mail reports this rather odd juxtaposition of a billboard ad for the Channel 5 repeat of The Walking Dead on a Co-op Funeral Home in North East England. Clear Channel … Continue reading

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Part 1 — Done?

Good news — Part I of Fear & Loathing of the Undead is done! HUZZAH! OK, more like done-ish. It’ll keep being tinkered with until the whole thing goes to press. Whenever that may be. Meanwhile, this is a a … Continue reading

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High Praise

There was no way to keep quite about Marty Flynn’s fantastic site detailing his HST collection and the guidance offered to others trying to find The Complete Works. Close on the heels of my March 2 post, Marty wrote: Keep … Continue reading

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Dining with the Doctor

As part of the ongoing research for FLotU78, I’m reading When The Going Gets Weird, one of the (many) bios about Hunter. Here is Peter Boyle’s reaction when he met HST while filming Where The Buffalo Roam: On the coffee-shop … Continue reading

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