High Praise

There was no way to keep quite about Marty Flynn’s fantastic site detailing his HST collection and the guidance offered to others trying to find The Complete Works. Close on the heels of my March 2 post, Marty wrote:

Keep the Gonzo Fires Burning

There are Gonzo freaks and there are Gonzo freaks. The latter are the ones, who after absorbing copious amounts of Hunter Thompson’s texts feel the compulsion to share their freakish leanings with the world. They have all been mentioned here at one point or another. I wont make a list for fear of leaving someone out (which would happen.) These folks are so dedicated and brilliant at keeping Hunter’s name alive it is almost  redundant to say so.

The latest addition to this list is a chap who calls himself Bradley James Weber and the birth of His “Parody” Fear and Loathing of the Undead 78 a book in progress. The first 15 pages are on his site. I have read what he has written so far but I’ll wait until he’s finished before I review it. For now I’ll say, so far it’s clever, funny, and very Gonzoesque. I must stress (as he does) that it is a parody not a copycat affair. I’m looking forward to the rest. Lets hope he gets cracking and finishes it soon.

So Mr Weber, well done, keep the faith and keep working.

I’ve been called a lot of things, many of them deserved, most not suitable for print or polite conversation. But being tagged as a Gonzo Freak and having my name added to the rolls is deeply gratifying and a true honor.

Like Cyrano de Bergerac,  I tend to keep a chip on my shoulder and ‘carry my adornments only on my soul, decked with deeds instead of ribbons.’ What better place to sew the Gonzo Freak merit badge?

Takes one to know one, Marty. Thanks.

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  1. Marty says:

    Bradley you are too humble. Your status as a Gonzo Freak was sealed at birth. Much like the 666 on a young boy’s scalp but not quite as grim. There will be no bewailing or lamenting, only rejoicing. You gladden the hearts of many Gonzo brethren with your work. Stand triumphant! Exult in your success..

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