Part 1 — Done?

Photo copyright by Andrew Colunga. (Click image to see more of his work.)

Good news — Part I of Fear & Loathing of the Undead is done!


OK, more like done-ish. It’ll keep being tinkered with until the whole thing goes to press. Whenever that may be.

Meanwhile, this is a a milestone worthy of at least minor celebration.  The story is a solid 27,000 words crafted into sixteen tight chapters.  Target date for completion is sometime in November —- roughly seven months from now. It’s possible . . . but there’s a ton more research to do and several trips to work around including  a week-long stay at Disney World, a drive to Atlanta, and a recon mission to Aspen. Too much to do in not enough time? We’ll see.

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  1. TOB says:

    Nicely done.

    Keep it at full throttle.

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