A solution to Spam? Think again.

Two bits of spam were stinking up the comments section, waiting for approval, both promoting the same Brand X MP3 player. Since this can’t be a coincidence, someone at this company, or the PR firm they hired, is intentionally jamming inboxes with crap no one wants to read.

With all the technology available to our government these days, and their dizzying legal rights to pursue people across the Internet without a warrant, why isn’t there an agency going after spammers? Fuck these bastards over with excessive fines the same way housewives and college students are when they illegally download music. Think of all the money we could add to the country’s accounts by trying spammers in closed door military tribunals then fining them out of existence . . .

Oh, wait. Maybe it has something to do with the weak-ass legislation passed in 2003 that pretends to address spam, but effectively does nothing about it — because “the bill . . . preempts laws that allowed for (among other things) easier prosecution and rights to private action.”

According to the CAN_SPAM act, there are even some forms of spam exempt from complying with the law. These include:

  • religious messages
  • political messages
  • national security messages

In essence, the church, elected officials, people running for office, and even our own government can spam the hell out of our inboxes with impunity.

When faced with a mess as big as our own government, it is hard to know where to start trying to clean it up. Especially when the people making the mess don’t want it clean.



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  1. T.O.B. says:

    Uncle Sam Wants You! (to grow your male member 4″ longer in just two weeks!)

    So, according to the CAN_SPAM act; which one makes this exempt? I’m going with National Security combined with Political messages.

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