Maxfield Perish: Zombie Fighter

A few years ago, while working on another zombie novel, I went searching for connections to the outside world. After joining a few zombie and survival groups on LinkedIn, I found the Zombie Friends site. One of the reasons to sign up there was the Writer’s Workshop — a place for authors and poets to post their goods for review and comment. So I uploaded a modified version of the novel’s first chapter.

Nearly three years later, “Maxfield Perish: Zombie Fighter” is the most viewed story on the Zombie Friends site: 2938 reads and counting.

If you’re getting itchy to read the rest of Fear & Loathing Of The Undead, I don’t blame you. I am, too. I know how it ends, though knowing it and reading it are two different things.

In the meantime, take a click on over to the Zombie Friends site and read about the exploits of young Max. Lots of full-on zombie gore. Dig it.

(The one thing that sucks about the Zombie Friends’s Writers Workshop is that the page shows only a few dozen posts. There has to be at least a hundred other stories, poems, etc. on the site, though there is no way to tell. And the Search box is useful only if you know what you’re searching for. Too bad. There are probably some hidden gems there that no one can get to. If you find anything worth reading, paste the link in comments and I’ll be sure to post it here. Thanks.)


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