Share it: QR dot for FLotU78 site

The Other Brad has been on me about doing something with the QR dot for this site. T-shirts, business cards, tribal tattoos. That kind of thing.

All of which are sound ideas. I’m so focused on the book right now that I don’t know how or where to put it to use.

(I keep staring at it, waiting for some kind of 3D eagle or sailing ship to resolve itself, but so far nothing. I must be too sober or too awake for it to work.)

Wait a minute . . . .


Just had a first-rate idea on where to print and show this for maximum effect. Too good to share — but guaranteed to get awesome results.

Meanwhile, print this and post around your office, bus stop, nursing home, or elementary school.

UPDATE 10/26:  Just got word that my great idea is not feasible. Ah, well. Ever forward.

And for more QR goodness, check these guys out.

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