Beware the Gonzo (movie review)

Went looking to Netflix for the Gonzo doco the other day and found this.

Here’s the plot summary from Wikipedia:

Eddie “Gonzo” Gilman is the head geek at his high school—and determined to do something about it. When Gavin, the popular editor of the school paper, fires him, Eddie obtains revenge by establishing an underground paper of his own. He gains popularity and makes a new friend, Evie Wallace, and it soon gains the attention of the principal, escalating to a bombshell crisis.

The movie was decent; well worth a watch. I may watch it again in a few months. It hit many of the notes that Hunter played: truth, outrage, getting the bastards, and what we like to think of as his total commitment to the cause — whatever it is and damn safety and the consequences. Though I somehow think that the kid in the movie had the greater courage of his convictions. Maybe it’s because he’s in high school and that kind of high-contrast worldview, the absolutism, comes naturally with the age. Or not. I’m still a fairly hard-core absolutist, which can be miserable to live with, sometimes. My wife is a saint.

Still and all, the movie stuck very close to Hunter’s philosophy and the overall Gonzo ethos, if not strictly to Gonzo Journalism.

When watching, keep an eye on how Gillman’s wardrobe evolves throughout the film.

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