To the friends who lent me money and kept me mercifully unemployed. No writer can function without them. Again, thanks. HST

This great dedication is from Doc’s first published book, Hell’s Angels. The rest of his books had dedications, though somewhere along the line (Songs of the Doomed, maybe) he started including the Honor Rolla long list of friends, loved ones, accomplices, and  accessoriesthose who kept him sane and supplied, helped him have fun and got him through the agony of writing that particular book.

It makes sense, too. For as long as it takes to write a book, there get to be too many people to thank for too many things. Sometimes you know someone helped, but can’t remember exactly how. Other times you can remember the details, but it’s best not to even hint at them.

Consider this the start of my Honor Roll list for this book.


The wife, kid, and the dog

The parents

Ma Rudolph and Jim

Webmaster MIKE

The Other Brad

The Family Knochel

Drew Durepos

Joe Durepos (Agent Joe)

Everyone at the Itasca Public Libraryespecially the Guardians of the Reference Desk

Alan Potkin

deg + C Graves

Mike & Patti Amabalie

Dan Carroll

Jess Shoemaker

Rich Koslowski

Comrade Howell (“Death before post mortem!”)

Marty Flynn (HSTbooks.org)